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November 9-11, 2018

More information coming soon! In the meantime, please enjoy videos from Argyle 2017 (courtesy of Eileen Shropshire):

Grand March and Ball Dances are: The Ferry Louper, 32J3, Goldring 24 Graded and Social; and The Wind on the Heath, 32R3, Iain Boyd.

Ball, continued Dances are: Delvine Side, 32S3, Book 2; and MacDonald of the Isles, 32S3 set, Haynes Carnforth 2.

Ball, continued Dances are: Bill Clement MBE, 32J3, Book 47; General Stuart's Reel, 32R3, Book 10; Argyll Strathspey, 32S3, Book, 35.

St. Stephen's & St. Agnes Lower School
400 Fontaine Street, Alexandria, Virginia
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