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Argyle Welcome Dance

Devisor/Emcee Ellie Briscoe

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Videos and Diagrams

A Wee Nothin'8x32J2Brunken - Moments in Time
Anderson's Rant8x32R3RSCDS MMM
MacDonald of the Isles6x32S3 setHaynes - Carnforth 2
The Aviator8x32J3Fischer - RSCDS Book 52
It's About Time8x32S3Brunken - Moments in Time
The College Hornpipe8x32R3Boag (18C) - RSCDS Book 20
~~~ Interval ~~~
A Capital Jig8x32J3MacKay - RSCDS Magazine Dances
Bruce's Men3x32S3 setGoldring - RSCDS Scotia Suite
The Kissing Bridge8x32R3Butterfield - RSCDS Book 47
John McAlpin8x32S3Foss - RSCDS Magazine Dances
Hooper's Jig8x32J3RSCDS MMM
The Deil amang the Tailors8x32R3RSCDS Book 14

Argyle Ball

Devisor/Emcee Dale Mantautas

Download Argyle Ball cheat sheet (PDF)
Videos and Diagrams

The Jubilee Jig8x32J3RSCDS Leaflets
The Auld Grey Cat8x32R3Boyd - Let's All Dance
Peggy's Love8x32S3RSCDS Book 8
The Flight of the Falcon8x32J3Priddey - Anniv. Tensome
Ye're Welcome Charly Stuart8x32R3Castle Menzies (18C) - RSCDS Book 7
Fair Donald8x32S3RSCDS Book 29
St. Andrew's Fair8x32J3Goldring - RSCDS 5 for 1982
J. B. Milne8x32R3Foss - A. Fitchet Album
~~~ Interval ~~~
Catch the Wind8x32H3Butterfield - RSCDS Book 45
Argyll Strathspey8x32S3Goldring - RSCDS Book 35
The Merry Oddfellows8x32J2RSCDS MMM
Swiss Lassie8x32R3Besche - RSCDS Book 39
The Minister on the Loch3x32S3 setGoldring - RSCDS Magazine Dances
Christine M Phillips8x32J3Brenchley - RSCDS Book 46
Many Happy Returns8x32S3M. Briscoe - Slip Knot Coll.
The Reel of the 51st Division8x32R3Atkinson - RSCDS Book 13