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We are not charging admission this year, but you must register to receive links to join the Argyle events!

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Please consider making a 501(c)(3) tax deductible donation to help cover teacher and musician costs, and to support the next in-person Argyle!

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Recording Policy

Some or all Argyle events may be recorded for possible future educational and promotional use. When recording is in progress, you'll see a red, blinking dot somewhere near the top of your screen, with the word 'Recording' beside it.

Our goal is to record only the teachers, demonstration dancers, musicians, and other presenters, but we can't 100% guarantee that all other participants will be omitted from the recording.

If you prefer not to be identified in the recording, you are welcome to turn off your camera and change your screen name to an anonymous identifier (e.g., "Mickey Mouse") after you are admitted from the waiting room.