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Raphaëlle Orgeret

Raphaelle Orgeret

Raphaëlle Orgeret was introduced to Scottish dancing by her mother and attended Summer School for the first time in 1998. She was hooked and has not stopped dancing since. She passed her teacher's certificate in St Andrews in 2008. She teaches her branch class in Lyon and a children's class there, too. For several years she coached a team for the Newcastle Festival comprising friends from across Europe and called it the International Team. She now coaches her Lyon Branch team for the competition.

Raphaëlle has taught at the RSCDS Summer School, the Winter School and Spring Fling as well as workshops across Europe. In 2018 she taught at the Australian Winter School and in 2019, at Asilomar, California.

An experienced team of dancers will provide demonstrations for Raphaëlle's class!

Hanneke Cassel

Hanneke Cassel

Hanneke Cassel is a Boston-based performer, teacher and composer whose career spans over two decades. Her style fuses influences from the Isle of Skye and Cape Breton Island with Americana grooves and musical innovations, creating a cutting-edge acoustic sound that retains the integrity and spirit of the Scottish tradition. Hanneke's music is a blend of the contemporary and traditional, described by the Boston Globe as "exuberant and rhythmic, somehow wild and innocent, delivered with captivating melodic clarity and an irresistible playfulness." Hanneke is a sought-after performer who has graced stages across North America, Europe, Australia, India, and China.

A native of Port Orford, Oregon, Hanneke started out as a Texas-style fiddler and went on to win the 1997 U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Championship, which awarded her the opportunity to study with Alasdair Fraser and introduced her to fiddle camps and the folk community -- both of which continue to play an integral role in her life. Hanneke teaches regularly at Fraser's Valley of the Moon and Sierra Fiddle Camps, the Mike Block String Camp (run by her husband, acclaimed cellist Mike Block), Harald Haugaard's International Fiddle School, and the West Denmark Fiddle School. She has served as a guest instructor in the American Roots department at Berklee College of Music, where she received her Bachelor's of Music in Violin Performance.

Pre-order Hanneke's new digital album of traditional Scottish music, Over the Sea to Skye! The release date is December 2, 2020.