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    Welcome Dance

Download Welcome Dance cheat sheet (PDF)

Videos and Diagrams

Cabbages and Kings8x32J3Butterfield - Harbour City
Sugar Candie8x32S3RSCDS Book 26
The Kissing Bridge8x32R3RSCDS Book 47
The Wandering Wallaby4x32J4 setRSCDS Book 50
The Braes of Breadalbane8x32S3RSCDS Book 21
The Black Leather Jig32R3G. Selling - Del. Valley Silver
~~~ Interval ~~~
Joie de Vivre8x32J3RSCDS Book 39
Inverneill House8x32R3RSCDS Book 35
The Robertson Rant1x80S4 sq.RSCDS Book 39
Fair Jenny's Jig8x32J3Wallace - Redwood Forest
The Sauchie Haugh8x32S2RSCDS Leaflet
The Reel of the Royal Scots8x32R3RSCDS Leaflet

Argyle Ball

Download Argyle Ball cheat sheet (PDF)

Videos and Diagrams

The Ferry Louper8x32J3Goldring - G&S
Delvine Side8x32S3RSCDS Book 2
The Wind on the Heath8x32R3Iain Boyd leaflet
MacDonald of the Isles3x32S3 setHaynes - Carnforth 2
Bill Clement, MBE8x32J3RSCDS Book 47
General Stuart's Reel8x32R3RSCDS Book 10
Argyll Strathspey8x32S3RSCDS Book 35
The Australian Ladies8x32R3Campbell - Glasgow Assembly
~~~ Interval ~~~
The Lady Wynd8x32J3Goldring - G&S 2
Corn Rigs8x32R2RSCDS Book 4
Inch of Perth8x32S3RSCDS Book 11
Collichur8x32J3RSCDS Book 30
Midsummer Common8x32S3RSCDS Book 49
Crowcombe and Stogumber8x32R3Wallace - Dunsmuir
Balquidder Strathspey8x32S3RSCDS Book 24
The Reel of the 51st Division8x32R3RSCDS Book 13