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Schedule details coming soon.

                  Welcome Dance, Argyle 2017.

    Please join us in 2018 for our 35th year of dancing fun!

*Morning Classes: Two class options will be offered during each class session:

Scottish Dances in the Ballroom--Appropriate for dancers who have been dancing at least 6 months who are familiar with basic footwork, figures, and geography, and who are interested in learning new dances. This low-pressure and relaxed class will help dancers improve their abilities to dance from a briefing, focus on dance etiquette and practice recovery skills.

Challenge Dancing and Technique--Suitable for dancers with more than 1 1/2 years' experience who are familiar with standard steps/formations, are able to dance from a talk-through and are interested in improving technique. Dances may require a combination of high-energy movement and intense mental focus.